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Find your dream car at Sancho Motors of Miami

Buying a car from the United States is the decision many come across during their search for classic cars

The US holds the largest volume of cars available for sale, and despite their growing values you can still find vehicles at much better prices than in Europe or South America.

“The US holds the largest volume of cars available for sale and the best prices”


Frequently asked Questions.

How does it work?

The process starts having an extensive conversation with you, getting every detail about your desired car in order to refine the search as much as possible. With this parameters in mind we start a comprehensive search amongst dealers, web pages and private collectors. Once we have found the best examples available on the market, we’ll send them to you for your analysis.

Once the final selection is made we require a 50% deposit of the car’s value to start purchase negotiations with the seller. Balance must be received once we’ve come to a pricing agreement.

Whats next?
The car selected will undergo a complete independent inspection, once completed we will send you a detailed report including hd photos, test drive comments and our final thoughts. 
If you decide to close the deal, we’ll take care of the purchase process and all the paper work involved.
Do you offer restoration services?

Once the car is purchased we’ll arrange its pick-up and ship it to our warehouse in North Miami. Here we can do any necessary work prior to its export in our own certified restoration facilities and body shop.

What about storage services?

Whether you need it short term, until we export your vehicle, or long term for part of your collection, we offer secure and climate controlled storage services, including regular and preventive maintenance, tune ups and detailing options. So yes, we got you covered!

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