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We Offer 3rd Party Financing

Bevel Financial provides a commercial finance marketplace for food truck businesses with the necessary funds to grow your business.


General Information

Bevel Financial will typically ask for the following general information:

  • Personal & Business Credit Scores

  • Business Operation History

  • Business Revenue Statements

  • Collateral if needed

List of Models Eligible for Finance

  • LeMont H

    • Lemont H 100

    • Lemont H Large

    • Lemont H Extra Large


Five Easy Steps for Sancho Trailer Financing

Step 1:
Design your food truck with Sancho Motors and request a final invoice from the sales representative.

Step 2:
Email the credit application & Final invoice to michael@bevelfinancial.com 

Step 3:
Underwriting Process 7 – 10 days.

Step 4:
Final Approval & Funding

Step 5:
Food truck ready for delivery.
The time period depends on the length of time to build or if concession trailers are in stock.

Bevel Financial Inc.

Click here to download the credit application.

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