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LeMont H

lemont food truck

LeMont is a multipurpose concession trailer, inspired by the mythical french van.

From food & beverage, to retail and trade show, LeMont is a marketing tool unrivaled in both its quality and visual impact. 

No engine, no worries

LeMont is conceived as a trailer since most of the time it is stationary. Why add unnecessary costs if it can be easily hauled with a simple trailer hitch connection.

Your investment is visible where it pays the most, second to none industry looks and appeal.

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food truck dimensions

Quality first

The ISO 9001 2015 Bureau Veritas Certification guarantees that the entire manufacturing process complies with the desired quality standard.

Each unit is outfitted with LED lighting, water system, and electrical outlets.

Each one of LeMont’s purpose-built features are the result of 25 years of trailer excellence.

Agile marketing

LeMont’s striking design and highly functional interior allows for endless applications.

From food and beverage to retail and tradeshow, LeMont is a marketing tool unrivaled in both its quality and visual impact.

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It’s simple, LeMont has curb appeal, striking design and a highly functional interior.

We deliver direct to your door, coast to coast.

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Lemont model specs.

For more information download the technical sheet of the Lemont model.

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