14kw Generator Replacement: Eco-Optimized Battery Packs


14kw Generator Replacement

Running time: 8 to 10 hours

System Price: $21,273 + Installation

(never pay for gas or maintenance and get $6,500 back on tax credits)

  • 2x 6500w inverters/control modules (13kw total – surge to 26kw)
  • 3x 9kw batteries/energy storage

This would replace a Cummings Onan 12kw onboard generator ($15,000).

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Battery-powered solution for food trailer owners.

  Scalable to Power Any Need

  Silent, Clean, Eco-friendly

  Award-winning, Patented Portable Technology

Eliminate loud, disruptive generators.

Create a cleaner atmosphere.

Draw in more customers.

These batteries are capable of powering energy-demanding equipment like espresso machines, sub-zero freezers, and heavy-duty ice cream makers.

30% tax credit

Save on your entire system now. All systems above 5kWh qualify for a 30% federal tax credit.




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