Lemont H Large

Trailer Specs

Make: Mactrail
Model: Lemont H Large
Year: 2024
Type: Concession Trailer
Weight: 2,900 pounds

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LeMont H Large

LeMont H is a multipurpose concession trailer, inspired by the mythical French van.

Each unit is hand-built by the legendary @mactrailoficial team and delivered direct to your door, coast to coast. 

From hitch to bumper, LeMont H is constructed from the highest quality materials. Structurally, ISO 9001 2015 Bureau Veritas certifies the entire manufacturing process. Each one of LeMont’s purpose-built features are the results of 24 years of trailer excellence.

They are not drivable, but they are very light so they can be towed practically with any car or SUV!

No Engine means no unexpected expenses, no auto-insurance or costly relocation fees. LeMont is designed to swiftly move from one place to another with a simple trailer hitch connection.

Prices include our basic kitchen configuration:

Service worktable and cabinets (3 or 4 depending on the model). 

Electrical system: 11 outlets (110v) + 2 outlets (30 amps) for heavier consumption equipment. 

Three stainless steel sinks and a hand wash sink. 

Electrical water pump. 

Interior lining in white fiberglass. 

Water system with 30 galon fresh water tank and 35 galon grey water tank. 

Service window.

We do not offer financing. The way we work is on a “build to order” basis. 

30% downpayment. Then we start production and turn around time is in approximately 90 to 100 days, when balance is due.

If you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to call us!



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